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Friday, June 23, 2006

Vacation Time

Well, after my work day today I'm now free for 16 days of vacation in which I'll be traveling with my wife and kids. This is great in the sense that I'll be getting away from everything but it's bad in that I'll be away during Wimbledon!! Two years ago I was traveling during Roland Garros and that was bad enough but missing Wimbledon will be very tough. I'll still get to catch a few matches, but you probably won't see a blog until the day before the mens final or the day of. It should be an intriguing tournament considering the murderous draw Federer has gotten. If he can make it through the first two rounds though, you've got to like his chances again. On the other end, Nadal has been given a Ljubicic-like draw from Roland Garros this year. He could be surprised by anyone but I like his chances to make the second week here.

Since I need to be getting ready to leave I'll make some quick predictions.

For the quarters I like:

Federer-Ancic, although Gasquet-Djokovic could be the dark horse picks here;
Nalbandian-Mathieu, though I really like Blake as a possibility as well;
Hewitt-Murray, with Roddick finally bowing out early here; and
Nadal-Lopez, in an extremely suspect quarter.

I'll let you guys decide where it goes from there. I'm so tempted to predict another Fed-Nadal final due to Nadal's draw but I have a feeling he'll lose somewhere along the way. It should be another great two weeks!

Talk to you again in another two weeks. Take care.


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